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Thread: Starter button and igniter?

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    Just figured his "jump" meant roll it off & let the clutch out (yes "push" or "bump"), if jumper cables it would be too obvious the batt. was the problem. Fuses & clutch switches normally work fine till they suddenly croak....Just an idea, try the simple stuff first.
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    And if you have the old style fuses they can look good but be broken under the caps. Check them with a test light or multimeter to confirm it

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    Fuse that powers the starter button-solenoid, is the same fuse for the ignition . . . so, that is not your problem.
    Same logic applys for the kill swtich since that kills the ignition and the starter button circuit.

    Two typical problems with the starter solenoid not operating have both been mentioned here, and those are:
    - the switch on the clutch lever
    - the ground wire to the battery box / solenoid mounting bolt.

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    Okay. I took out the clutch switch, got a new battery, and replaced the starter button. Engine cranks perfectly. Fuel is in the carb bowls, and spark in the plugs. Am I looking at vacuum questions now?

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    Maybe dirty carbs if it hasn't run since you first posted in July... If you have flow at the petcock when cranking (suggests yes if the carb bowls are full) then you don't have an issue with vacuum.

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