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Thread: converting bike to run off vapors

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    Default converting bike to run off vapors

    found this video on youtube awhile back

    he runs an engine off nothing but gas fumes.
    doing some cursory googling, it seems that all IC engine ran this way before the carb was invented.
    furthermore, running an engine this way would practically eliminate the need for carbs at all.

    anyone ever done something like this with their bike?
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    ICEs still run this way. Carbs are/were just an optimized version of this, and fuel injection is even more optimized. The basic principle stays the same: fuel and air is mixed and ignited at some point.

    Trying this just to get rid of your carbs would be a mighty stupid thing to do, but it could be a funny thing to show off at a MC meet. But at your average meet, how many would even spot a missing carb?
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    What would you use instead?

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    Love that channel, he can torture the same lawn mower engine 100 different ways and they still keep running!

    As to what I just saw, the idea is to create a vapor from a liquid, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
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    Carb theory and application is as old or older than ice.
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