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Unless the aircraft has a better engine off glide ratio than my bare fat ass, I ain't interested in flying in it. heh
Same here, that thing would drop like a rock if it went FUBAR in flight.

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We took evasive maneuvers in a Boeing 707 (RC-135 recon) back in '85, we were being chased by MIG-23's out of Sidra back in Qaddafi's line of death days (we were well inside). It was right after TWA Flight 847. We thought one had fired on the target (us). Dropped chaff, gear down, flaps down, engines to idle. It was around feeding time, food and drink hit the ceiling and stayed there. I thought the wings would break off when pulling up, plane was shuddering. It was already a 35 year old plane by then. Cleaned out our flight suits and carried on... I don't like flying at all anymore. OK sorry for the 'near' war story but it triggered my memory.
I love those old 707's I flew in many of them, and I've been up in KC135's a few times. I bet its really freaky watching those wings flex wondering where they go pow at.