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Thread: Porsche....there is no substitute!

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    The Porsche 928's resale value dropped off a cliff about 5 years after they were introduced. I remember a lot of owners panic selling back then. They were great cars, it is rare to see a clean example now. I bought a late 80's 928 S4 in the early 90's. It as a theft recovery, I bought it to fix and sell. I wound up keeping it for almost two years, very classy fairly quick car at that time.
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    They were commonly plagued with electrical issues.
    Just watch the old Top Gear V8 South America special.
    That 928 did all sorts of crazy electrical stuff
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    Though it was not a sweeping issue, the cylinder liners were also occasionally a sort of woe. To be honest, Porsche may well make the best ICE supercar overall, but all the electronics necessary these days would have me opting for a fully electric model-if I weren't madly in love with the 70's 911 models. The future is here, but I'm more likely to be able to afford the air-cooled past than an electric present.
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    The fuse box is in the passenger footwell. They generally get wet & the problems start from there....

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    Quote Originally Posted by salty_monk View Post
    The fuse box is in the passenger footwell. They generally get wet & the problems start from there....
    Toyota Paseo had a computer under drivers seat without hermetic seals.
    Guy at work had one salt and winter messed it up nicely.

    There was a electronics guy with a god level cert. In microsoldering who salvaged it.

    Honda puts fuses in a sealed box. Years ago in 1989 I was waiting in line for the Argentia ferry to Cape Breton and a nice very old couple from NY. Were there in their Saab. Old guy was proud of the car and showed off its features which by golly included all the fuses under the hood in a sealed box.

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