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Thread: You probably know I am Goldwing addicted - You can be too -- Look Inside ;)

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    In my experience a well trained Goldwing rider can do quite well - even when hauling 900#
    Goldwings require suspension upgrades to be the best they can be - typically they are undersprung and exhausted after a few years of holding up the load.
    However I have seen a Goldwing ride with Jedz on a twisty road while he was on his Triumph and pretty well -- The Wing in front of Jedz is my son on his 2003 set-up with upgraded suspension
    They soon left me in the dust


    I can and do on occassion drag hard parts but I do not have a lot of pegs sticking out the sides --
    here I am on the Back of the Dragon in July 2021 -

    For ME - I drag the foot pegs when hard cornering - sometimes the under belly will scrap near the crash bars - or the crash bars depending on the road camber

    Nimble ? nah ...capable
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    - Carl R. Munkwitz

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    Neil Sullivan brought his DCT Goldwing to an Ozarks rally a while back. He put it sport mode and rode the heck out of those twisty roads. Had no problem keeping pace with the rest of us. And we were not loafing around. Also, I think it's safe to say that he had more comfortable trips riding to and from the rally than anyone else that rode. And maybe more comfortable than some of the folks that trailered.
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    I have not ridden with many GSR members, but I would venture a guess that there might be just a handful of members that could keep up with those two Goldwings on "The Gap".

    Yeah, a GS ,might be a bit more "capable", but a lot of the bike's capability is the nut that holds the handlebars.

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    Now you tell me? First couple rides on the 2012 I just bought have been good. It looks good in my garage next to a blue 83 gs850.Smart men think alike!!!
    83 gs850
    07 vtx1300c

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