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Thread: do you like safety switches?

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    In a bone-headed attempt to address this sidestand problem, BMW decided to make the stands on the 7-series fully sprung.
    Great idea.
    Except when the bike gets lifted off the stand just enough by the wind to allow the stand to retract... then the wind drops, and so does the bike.
    I was just walking out of an office building towards the bike when I saw it happen.
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    People should just remove it and just use the center stand if they're paranoid of it. Kind of like the waitress that brought me a coffee and told me it was hot, I just told her I knew that because I'm not an idiot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Block View Post
    People should just remove it and just use the center stand if they're paranoid of it. Kind of like the waitress that brought me a coffee and told me it was hot, I just told her I knew that because I'm not an idiot.
    Because all bikes have centre stands?
    Because all vendors serve coffee at a temperature describable as hot?
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    I think everyone should adopt the Honda rubber flipper finger.

    Don't get me wrong; I realize this is a problem, and it happens to good riders. I've witnessed the ugly aftermath of more than one GS kickstand incident, and I've set sail more than once with my GS's kickstand dangling in the breeze.

    This tends to happen more on group rides, when people are distracted from their normal routine, or hurrying to get going.

    The GS system of dimly illuminating a dull red light on the dash is pretty much entirely pointless, but it at least does no harm. (GS clutch switches universally fail and almost all are bypassed; very few ever get repaired and put back into operation.)

    However, the "modern" mandated system of installing shoddy 2 cent unsealed switches on the kickstand and clutch that inevitably fail and kill the engine at inopportune times only trades one hazard for a few others.
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    Please provide details. The GSR Hive Mind is nearly omniscient, but not yet clairvoyant.

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    Our sidestand go quite a ways down and out, and further forward past straight out sideways, so are somewhat pointing forward. And so if/when they hit the pavement, they are getting pushed up-forward more than they are getting pushed back-up.

    I maybe one of the cases that Brian bwringer says he witnessed.

    Quote Originally Posted by bwringer View Post
    I think everyone should adopt the Honda rubber flipper finger..

    I can say that on Hondas, well, Shadow 500s anyway, It is not just the rubber finger thing that provides the function of the pavement throwing the sidestand back if happen to leave it down. THere is also another feature of the sidestand that comes into play here . ANd that feature (hard to decribe) is that the side stand doesnt go much further forward than straight out sideways, is a spring to retract it, but it also hangs kinda limp in the outways direction, doesnt lock into position until some weight is put onto it by leaning the bike over onto it. WHen lean bike over on it it touches down, then bike leans over further with the sidestand going further out. When weight is leant onto it then it locks into position so it stays in position, doesnt let it roll back. WHen is no weight on it, it kinda comes out of this knotch, and can easily be moved back some and the spring retracts it.

    Harleys do that also, the sidestand goes about straight out sideways, not forward at all, and when weight is leaned onto it, then it locks into some knotch to hold it in place (to me it looks like the rider didnt put it forward enough).

    And, yah, the 79 KZ400 I had, was a thing sticking out from the front sprocket that would come around and hit something that would retract the side stand.
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    by the way it turned out it wasnt the safety switch lol. i just have to get my headlight working and tach and speedo lights working, they all are connected, theres a headlight relay and its not clicking on the bike, i tested the relay and it seems to work fine. i confirmed i have power running to the relay from the fusebox, i have confirmed i have ground just from knowing i have other certain lights working that are connected to the same ground wire, i have confirmed that the diode unit works as everything else it runs to works fine, and then ofcourse i dont have the power going out to the wires that runs to my speedo, tach, and headlight.

    what im starting to suspect is the wires to the relay may be incorrectly connected, i just have to get somebody to send me a video of their headlight relay with the wires hooked up and since the plug isnt symmetrical i will be able to tell which side is which. if its not that then the relay might be the culprit even though it clicks, it could be that 1 out of the 7 connections on the diode unit are bad which sounds very unlikely, or it could be as simple as i need to clean it up more, we will find out.

    the good thing is once i have those 3 lights back i will have everything electrical working, i have confirmed that the motor spins, i just need to confirm i have spark and aslong as i do have spark it should be as simple as hooking up the carbs and giving it fuel. unfortunately this bike probably isnt here to stay, i can definitely profit off of this bike as i havent needed to buy anything other than a battery, some gaskets, and some intake boots. i also bought an extra set of carbs that are dirty, i gave an offer for them and it was accepted so i can rebuild the carbs and just sell them for more. this all looks good on

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