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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Default Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here's wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
    When I die, just cremate me and put me in my GS tank. That way I can go through these carbs, one more time!

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    Cheers, y'all!
    Fill this thread up with pictures!
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    Usually I just stay home and do my own thing. I usually have to work "The Day After", Friday. This year we have Thanksgiving and the day after off as a holiday. Tomorrow morning, I'm heading to my brother's house south of Columbus Ohio. I'm really looking forward to this, my sister in law is a awesome cook. She's 100% coon-ass (Cajun). I'm sure we'll have some Gumbo, Boudan... I'll spend the night then mosey my way home Friday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE 🌞
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    Went out this morning to get all my Thanksgiving fixings with the Monkey in the town over. Brisk but awesome ride!

    Managed to fit 2 very large reusable bags full of tidings (and 3 bottles of wine) in my storage totes. We are doing a spiraled Ham I had in the freezer this year...

    A little bit of snow and ice but 3 wheels just roll over it with no issues...

    Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!!

    Norm, I'm hoping to get a ride in Friday morning, snow though is in the forecast so relegated to the Monkey this weekend. Hope you get to get out and enjoy the holiday!

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    Happy Thanksgiving folks. Not to sound corny but, I truly am grateful for the GS Resources forum. Hope everyone has a good holiday

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    Tomorrow will be 7 solo Thanksgivings in a row. How fortunate that 8 years ago I bought my first bike in 25 years and hooked up with you guys. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the company.
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    IMG_6107 by Scott Marvin, on Flickr

    When the recipe looks like this you know it will taste great. This is in the oven now and the house smells wonderful....... Happy Thanksgiving folks!
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    Oh its the other Thanksgiving.
    I know its huge for you guys happy holiday
    This year just wear sweats avoid the awkward first to unbutton moment
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful people of the GSResources. Hope some of you can get a good ride in after dinner.
    Here in Nebraska yesterday we had a record high 67° so I got my ride in yesterday. Right now as I type this we are down to 36° and the cold North wind is blowing at about 20-25 mph. High tomorrow forecast is 36° so no riding for me.

    Enjoy you all and cheer on your favorite football or basketball teams from the couch.

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    Watching Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Best Thanksgiving movie ever. Have a good one, All!

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