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Thread: Catalog of U.S. dragstrips

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    Default Catalog of U.S. dragstrips

    Might be old news to some folks, but sharing something a friend found, it's pretty cool:

    It's a state-by-state list of dragstrips, with some (mostly) interesting facts about them.

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    Thanks for the link. Very interesting! There were a lot in my general area. Some that I had been aware of and others that I never knew of. Many were short-lived, especially unpaved tracks. At the big-league survivor, I was blessed to see some historic racers back in the 60's and early 70's. Earl Potter the Michigan Madman and his Chev V-8 powered bike. A friend won top bike nearly every Sat. night for the 1969 season. On a 350 Kaw Avenger that was modded a bit. It did very well against the Triumphs and HD's that showed up, but he was a very good racer. First week he took the trophy. All the rest were a 1969 US $100 bill. ($750-$800 today)
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    Cool website, thanks for sharing.
    I looked up our local drag strip, Quaker City Dragway in Salem Ohio. I knew it has been around for years, but didn't know it was 1957 when it opened. I spent many of Sundays there when me Chuck and Bob use to race there in the 80's. I still stop by now and then during the summer when I'm out riding. I really would like to get my motorcycle back on the track again, fun times. 🌞
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    In 2018 there was a vintage bike drag (and swap meet) weekend at Quaker City which I attended, they had another one in 2019. Keep your ears open, they may be doing it again.

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    seems there was two unofficial records set right at my neighboring city, i always knew there was some sort of race history here by just seeing how many classics drive all around here, and a local car show that is just full of amazing cars.

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