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Thread: Cosmetic engine gaskets

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    Default Cosmetic engine gaskets

    Hello out there I am wanting to pull my covers off and due some polishing. Does anyone know of a good place to pickup the cover gaskets?? I did not know if my local Suzuki dealer carries. Thank for any direction. Brian

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    Your local dealer will not have them in their local stock, no one does, but will be able to order them from the warehouse. Most of us will use Parts Outlaw in Florida as they are on the cheaper side but it will take two weeks to get them; the first week to get them from the warehouse and the second to mail them to you. The time for your dealer will be the same for the first but shorter since you can just drive there. You just get to pay a little more for that convenience

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    Nice summary, Scott!

    Another avenue would be to look up the part numbers using one of the online parts sellers, then search fleaBay. There are a couple of reliable sellers who seem to have quite a bit of NOS (new old stock) Suzuki bits. You'll notice that many gasket part numbers have been superceded with a new part number. It can be helpful to look for the old part number sometimes.

    Other good online parts sellers include Part Shark and Online Cycle Parts; both of these are the online businesses owned by large dealerships local to me and I've used them quite a bit.

    I don't know of any dealers in or near KC that do the same thing (Advantage Powersports seems to have an online fiche), but if there is one, you can often save some money by ordering the parts through the online side and picking them up in person. If you call or walk in, they have to charge more.

    You generally want to avoid aftermarket gaskets; some can be OK, but many on fleaBay are cut out on demand out of material that's far too thin, and this can cause issues. And their fitment data can be iffy.

    Let us know what bike you have (might want to put that info in your signature), and there may be some specific leads or advice we can offer.
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    Please provide details. The GSR Hive Mind is nearly omniscient, but not yet clairvoyant.

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