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Thread: How fast is is your old GS?

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    focus frenzy Guest


    135MPH (218KPH) at redline in fifth gear. (due to the spedo only going to 85mph(140kph) I had to do the math to figure out how fast I got it.)
    I have had my voyager to 100mph (160kph) and it seemed to like it, less than 1/4 throttle and the trip computer was showing 36mpg fuel consumption.
    I have no idea of just how fast the big six will go but it is happier at speed than my gs.

    PS: my friend has had his yamaha yzf r-1 up to 189 mph(306kph) showing on the digital display several times. (and the idiot doesnt wear a helmit)

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    Anonymous Guest


    I got clocked by the RCMP at 274Kph (165 - 170mph) on my 86 GS1150 :twisted:

    Because I stopped when I saw the lights all I got was a $1000 fine, 6 month suspension and 9 points on my liscence

    Had I trieed to run/keep the speed I would have done jail time! 8O

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    Jay B Guest


    I had my 81 850 to 100 with some left. Plenty fast enough for me.

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    Anonymous Guest


    Buried my needle at 240 k an hour once...too damn fast but there you go

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    Jeff Tate Guest


    130mph on my 1100EZ with a ways to go on the tach, way back when I was immortal. LOL.

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default speed

    With the wind at my back at sea level playing tag with a couple of low-riders thought I stretch out the old girl ,40000 on the bike no rebuilds as far as I know all stock gs1000e 124 mph.. hard to tell ran out of room and stated pulling the arms out of sockets..................... 8) 8) :roll:

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    saaz Guest


    I haven't neen over 160 k/h for some years as I haven't really fine tuned the tyres and suspension as I used to..

    But have been up to 220km/h doing a plug test, and sat on 200 km/h on a flat highway for a while - this was 2 up with all the camping gear on tho, no struggle

    fast enough to get in trouble I think....

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default Theoretical top speed...

    Got the formula..I think...for the theoretical top speed of your bike, if you don't take into account things like gravity, wind resitence, the police, etc.

    Should be as follows...

    {(RPM) x [transmission gear ratio x (front sproket tooth count/rear sprocket tooth count)] x 60 x [3.14 x (diameter of rear wheel in inches/12)]}/5280 = mph

    Maybe this would be easier....

    A = Front sprocket tooth count/rear sprocket tooth count
    B = rear wheel diameter in inches/12 (this includes the tire, not just the rim)
    C= Transmission Gear Ratio (in top gear obviously) x A
    D = 3.14 x B
    E = RPM x 60 x C x D
    MPH = E/5280

    I don't have any idea what tooth count I have, or what gear ratio, or the max RPM off the top of my head, so I made up a bike. Gear ratio is 1 (to simplify things), tooth counts are six front 30 back, and max RPM is 12k, and I have a fat tire 3.5 inch tall tire on a 17 inch rim, giving me a total diameter of 24 inches.
    A = 6/30 = .2
    B = 24/12 = 2
    C = 1 x .2 = .2
    D = 3.14 x 2 = 6.28
    E = 12000 x 60 x .2 x 6.28 = 904320
    MPH = 904320/5280 = 171

    Pretty fast bike...haha. Like I said, I think this is the right formula, and seems pretty accurate given my off the cuff example. Adapted it from gocarts and automobiles...anyone care to correct me?


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    Anonymous Guest


    130mph according to my buddies VFR as he went by me like a rocket

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    Anonymous Guest


    That is correct but won't give a real life limit. A couple of the variables not accounted for are:
    Does your bike have enough power to overcome the (amazingly high) drag of a bike? Also, a tires diameter on the side isn't the actual running diameter of the tire. That measurement is a nominal size, wherein there is another measurement (sometimes found on the manufacturers webpage) that lists the actual rolling radius if X tire with P pressure and W weight on it at V speed. The problem with this is the tire grows the faster you go (drag racing (and even RC Cars IME) are very visible).

    In the end, its all a rough guestimate. Heck, even if ~160+ were real for my bike, the actual topend would be sooo much lower as i've not the testicular fortitude to test those claims 8O


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