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Thread: How fast is is your old GS?

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    Well Whittey, now that you gots yurself a 1100...everybody's gonna tell gotta grow 'em.

    (Sitting straight up behind the fairing)
    220kph/135mph and pulling hard Then traffic
    "The only thing worse than ignorance is arrogance." AE

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default how fast?

    I once reached 128mph on my 1977 GS 750B...shure fast enough on that bike 8)

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    Anonymous Guest


    All I know is my speedo ends @85 and thats around 5500 to 6000 RPMs in 5th gear. I've been up to 8000 (and a hair more) in 5th.

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    Anonymous Guest


    I am not immortal. I got up to 85mph while passing. I like to see the world, not the world see me (on the news). Speed is not what it is about for me. Sorry.

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    Darn old 85mph speedometer! I don't want to hurt the innards of the speedo so I have not pegged the needle as yet. But! I have hit about 75 in second gear going for long high reving shifts!!! 8) I know I could go much faster and that's good enough for me!

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    robinjo Guest


    I kicked a mopeds ass today .

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    Philly_Chris Guest


    75/80 in 2nd gear? that sounds nuts. I think my bike would blow up. Granted its smaller(850G) but regardless. I think 55/60 in second on my bike might spell engine failure...

    just got it and would like to keep it alive for at least one season

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default too fast for John Law's likin!!

    OK, is this a *@%^$*@%^$*@%^$*@%^$in contest?! so be it... when I punch my GS1100G hard in 2nd and wind it to about 7,500 thru the top of 3rd I'm doing about 85 when I shift into 4th... and it don't seem to take but about 5 seconds to go from 25 to 85. that's about as fast as this idiot wants to go in a 55 mph zone. I'm too old to pull many more "watch this's!" Dave :twisted:

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    Well I gotto post it
    bury'd needle at 140mph but just a bit more, still had throtle left, the airspeed's the stopper, feet on the rears, butt on the passenger seat and my chin on the gas cap. wow
    83 GS650GD 12k on her

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    135 on my 83 GS750E. All stock. Still had thottle left. Was amazed at how well she handled at that speed. No shake or anything. I just had to do it.

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