ok, so the 83 has a stock oil cooler on it and I have never seen my oil temp get to the top of the Normal range even on the hottest day I have ridden. So, oil temp should not kill my stator. R/R has been replaced. So I figure that route is not going to kill it. Am I safe?
Now then, isn't there a 10 -15 volt range that the stock stator puts out, depending on rpm?
Wouldn't it then be possible to rewind your stator to produce a higher current flow with a lower voltage, but still something within what the regulator can convert to 14VDC? There must be some formula to figure this out, it can't all be trail and error, can it? If there is some way, then taking your fried stock stator to a rebuilder and presenting him or her, don't want to be sexist now, with the possibility of increasing output, there should be some way of doing it.
I remember back in the early 80's when working on the combines, they would have a 100Amp alternator and they would be huge. Now, my car has a 100 Amp alternator and it is half the size. How can the two units put out the same power and be so different in size? It has to be possible with the bike stators to improve the power output?
OR is my understanding of how power is produced limiting the ability of my brain to understand how the windings/wire/magnets produce current flow