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    lhanscom Guest

    Default NOOOOOOOO

    I decided to try out the laughing gas today, just to see what it was like. Well I hit it, and it wasn't all that great, I didn't check to see how much pressure was in the tank, so maybe that was why. Anyway, I held it on for maybe 2 seconds, not very long. I come to the end of the straight, and my leg is covered in oil, looks like the head gasket blew. Everything runs fine, no weird noises or anything, but the head gasket is leaking oil like a sieve. This is not something I expected to happen, does anybody have a clue as to why this would happen? Tomorrow I'll be taking off the head, hopefully I won't find anything worse then the gasket. I am depressed now.

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    Anonymous Guest


    it is possible that you blew some excess pressure past your rings into the crankcase. but when you take your heads off it will tell you all.

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    Hoomgar Guest


    Keep us posted Luke.

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    Detman101 Guest


    Oh crap man, I hope that your heads are all fine.
    That really sucks. At first I didn't know what "Laughing gas" meant but after seeing what bike you have it all became clear.

    Good luck,
    Dm of mD

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    My 1000 did the same thing last year.
    I was in Ogunquit when it started pushing oil.
    *@%^$*@%^$*@%^$*@%^$ed me damage just the gasket.
    I used a copper one and it's been holding up fine, no leaks,no weeps.
    1980 GS1000S, blue and white
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    Ever notice you never see a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist office?

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    if it didnt pull your arms off then somthing is wrong! in the 1/4 the bike went from 136 to 149. that increase should be totaly felt with a vengence! did you check to make sure all smaller jets (nitrous ) were hooked up to the nitrous solinoid? and did you purge the nitrous? it should have scared you silly un less the tank was not fully charged or the system is leaking somwere.......................................skip

    Ps I feel really bad that this happened I hope you straighten it out with little trouble.

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    focus frenzy Guest


    at what RPM did you hit it?

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    lhanscom Guest


    Well all is well again. I replace the head gasket, and everything else looked fine. All oil is now staying in the engine. I hit the nitrous at around 7k, and it did accelerate, it just wasn't much of a hit. I checked the jets when I took the head off, and they were correct. I didn't purge the system, as I figured it might just bog a bit when I first hit it, then come on strong. I didn't have a copper head gasket, so it looks like I won't be playing with the nitrous again until that's replaced sometime down the road. I'm just happy to have my bike running again.

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    Hoomgar Guest


    Rock on buddy
    Glad you got it running again so quickly.

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    lhanscom Guest


    I have a tendancy to slip into the obsessive compulsive side of things if my bike breaks. I'll be working on it until it's fixed, things like sleep, food, work, family, friends, etc tend to be blocked out until all is right again. Hence, I took the day of yesterday and got her back to working order. If I ever have to do anything really major, I'll probably lose a lot of weight, have dark circles around my eyes, and have a coffee IV. :?

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