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Thread: Welcome to the GS Rides and Destinations forum! Read before posting!

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    Exclamation Welcome to the GS Rides and Destinations forum! Read before posting!

    Do you have a favorite riding route or point of interest that you would like to share with your fellow GS riders? Then this is the place for it. Feel free to include a map attachment, pictures or even a Google Earth attachment. Be sure to let us know why you think it's a special ride - pretty scenery, great technical ride, etc..

    Note that this is forum is not for putting together rides and rallys. Those articles are to be posted in the GS Meetingplace forum. If you ignore this very simple rule your posting willl deleted.

    -- Frank --
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    Default Unexpected find

    Interesting read from an unsuspected source

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    Some of the totally committed probably should be.
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