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1980 GS550L petcock alternatives?

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    1980 GS550L petcock alternatives?

    I just purchased a 1980 GS550L. the Fuel gauge does not work. I am wondering if anyone has replaced the stock fuel petcock with one that has a manual RES setting in addition to PRI and ON?

    Fuel gauge has nothing to do with the petcock. Lots or folks have installed a Pingel petcock. AFAIK, they are on or off, no Prime, no reserve. They are not Vacuum operated. I could be wrong. Do a search.
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      The 1980 550L has the leverless petcock. I'm not sure, but on many GS bikes Suzuki went to that petcock because of carb clearance. In other words, you might not have room for any other petcock. I hope I'm wrong but I'd check before spending money

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        Fuel gauge working or not, I want a res.. Hope you find a way...Oh, forgot to mention, Welcome.
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