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1982 Suzuki GS 650G

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    1982 Suzuki GS 650G


    Fairly new to rebuilding "New Born"

    Bought a broken Suzuki GS650G

    Broken As
    "Accident" - Dents on the tank , Engine cover scuffs and what not - after the accident abandoned for 5 years and now to me for a new restart a new life I guess...

    At first i just wanted it to run but you know life gives and when it does it gives abundantly!

    Wires Toasted
    Wiring harness messed with (Previous owner)
    Wont run - Carb mess
    Dash Broken
    Front and rear breaks I think hitting the surface of disks!
    grease everywhere

    New plans for my motorcycle
    Wiring harness upgrade (M unit) don't want bulky wiring
    Dash upgrade
    New switches
    New handlebar
    Brat Style seats

    Once i rejuvenated and refuel my bank account

    maybe new forks
    new triple tree
    and some more custom work!
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    Did you ever see the movie “A Bridge Too Far” ? I admire ambition, but this might be a sequel . Did previous owner reveal bikes running condition before the accident?
    engine parts for the 650 shafty are tough to find new…..other stuff not too bad though on used market.
    My 650L has been very reliable @66k+ miles, so they’re worth the effort.
    Good luck!
    1981 gs650L

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      Good luck. As long as the engine turns over you'll likely be able to revive it. Be methodical & follow the forum instructions for carbs, stator, RR etc.

      If you want to simplify the front end to go with that look.. put a single twinpot on there, you'll still have more power than the stock twin brake setup and less weight too.

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        with some miracle it should run!! already deep into the mud ...also engine was running before it sat for a while.
        the previous owner mentioned that it was running prior to the day i bought it - it was turning over and almost started once - but later discovered fuel not reaching engine.. so at the moment cleaning up what needs to be cleaned and trying my best to keep my sanity


          Ah, the infamous "Ran when parked"
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