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    Seriously folks, my motivation was to simply help out my best friend. No applause or pat on the back for me. It was always about Bruce & the bike. And let's no forget about the pitcrew behind him. Most of you don't know his family. Beth is a sweetheart who always takes good care of me (us) whenever the Rally hounds invade her house. Tara & Josh are their two great kids. I know I always have a place to stay whenever I'm in town.

    But enough about Bruce. What about that 1150 makes it so special? Well the fact that she's a one-owner machine is kinda neat. The fact that Bruce bought her & left her in the crate for 14 years is amazing! But here's a little tidbit that you may not now. This bike...this bone stock, old skool, barely broke-in little garage queen...beat the CR@P out of a modified V-rod on the dyno drags! Yes, watch the video.

    Y'know, Bruce said at the 1st Western States Rally that he always wanted a garage full of Suzuki's. I'm glad that his 1150 will always be in that corral.


      Originally posted by Dan Ruddock View Post
      Now that the famous mountain pic of Bruce's bike is even more famous I say let's make it permanent fixture on the GSr home page. Dan
      I'd second that motion. And kudos to everyone for their contributions !!

      Hey Bruce, how about a picture or two, as she looks right now. Just walk to the garage and snap a couple for us. I'm sure everyone would like to see it !
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        ***Caution Karma to follow***

        my rescued Golden died 12-23-08 and I had been looking for a adult/senior rescue at various pounds and on petfinder since the first of the year, to fill what has been missing in my life since Buffett died.

        I had received a $200 bonus through work that I put aside for my "new dog fund", when the idea came about to help a forum member keep his 1150.
        so I took $25 dollars from that fund and gave it to Bruce to help him with the trouble he was having.

        yesterday I loaded up my car with my two other dogs, and the wife and I went to the pound in Lapeer for a look-see for what they may have to adopt. They had a nice young black lab that tugged on my wife's heart strings, but it was not the Golden I had been seeking. I stopped by work to pick up some parts my cousin had ordered to fix a car with and continued on home. when I got home I sat down on the porch for a smoke and picked up the news paper and flipped to the animals for sale section ( before today, I never had looked in the paper). low and behold there were Golden puppies for sale... the price... $200 dollars! (no papers, a long story in itself)

        The wife and I had to do some shopping in a little while, so she called them and inquired if they had any males left. Sherri, the owner of dogs, said she had five of them still. so we got in the car and drove about 3-4 miles to see the puppy's. to make a long story short, while I was trying to figure out if we wanted one of them, one came over and sat down on my feet (just like my golden did) the others just wanted to play with my socks or my pants, but this one just wanted to be by me. (someone keeps telling me a dog finds you, you don't find them), I had been looking for a darker Golden and this puppy was one of two darker colored ones out of the eight puppies she had.

        what could I say, I gave them a deposit and I will be picking up my new puppy next Friday...

        For this Bruce, I thank you.
        and my new puppy "Morgan" thanks you as well...

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          Wow! I haven't had much time to visit the GSR lately so I missed the whole situation.
          Makes me proud to read how the folks here came through. You're the best! Good things will come back to every one of you.
          I can't imagine having to sell my bike. Mine's almost 30 years old now. To not have it in my life.....well, I couldn't put that in words.
          You guys have done such a great thing, keeping Bruce and his bike together!!
          And on the seventh day,after resting from all that he had done,God went for a ride on his GS!
          Upon seeing that it was good, he went out again on his ZX14! But just a little bit faster!


            Originally posted by rustybronco View Post
            (someone keeps telling me a dog finds you, you don't find them)
            It's true, Dale! The best dog I've ever had (and I've had a few good ones) adopted me in a park one day when I had no plans whatsoever to get a dog. I went over with some friends to see a litter of puppies playing in the park, and one puppy in particular came over to me and informed me that I was going to take him home, hehe! He was an extraordinary "best friend" and we had a fifteen year relationship before I lost him 6 1/2 years ago.

            My "new" dog is very sweet, but she doesn't begin to compare. It's interesting to note that she was chosen for me. That will NEVER happen again - I will never have another dog that doesn't mutually choose me.

            Enjoy your new friend - it would seem the relationship has already begun!



              Originally posted by rustybronco View Post
              ***Caution Karma to follow***

              ....... (someone keeps telling me a dog finds you, you don't find them), .....
              Currently being retired and home, my best friend (other than my dear wife) is Annie, an almost-eleven year old black Lab that we adopted when she was seven from the local shelter. She seems to know exactly what I'm thinking at any time and when to come up and say hi. I lost my other Lab, Sam, in September '08 at eight years old and I was truly grieving. Folks who've never had dogs probably don't understand, but those of us who do can empathize with the loss you felt. Hug Morgan and the rest of the pack for me!



                A special Thank You from Beth

                *I can't seem to log on under renobeth, so I'm using Bruce's.

                Hi everyone, it’s Beth, the GS1150’s, “Beauty’s” & Bruce’s other lover. =)
                I don’t know where to begin…But if you know me or know of me, you know it will go long! You might want to get a cup of coffee or a beer! Maybe 2 or 3! =) First I want to say, I am just stunned. And very, very humbled. It is hard to accept. I don’t know what to say and thank you never seems like enough. But Thank You. I thank you from our family for your unbelievable generosity! The GSR has made me cry before, and ugh! Some of the horrible pictures and losses I hear of! I am once again crying as I read the messages and thought I would offer my own message in return so that you may know, at least in part (the part I know best) the man you are helping. He is my best friend and the love of my life and it has broken my heart to see him work so hard and struggle so much in his business. Thank Goodness we rarely fight and seem to be able to cleave unto another through difficult times, and not fight about money, so we are okay.

                Again, I know this will be long, but I would like to share some history & a few stories of my own about about that fabulous bike!
                Bruce & I just marked 25 yrs. together on January 5. Married 16 yrs. and have lived together for 23 yrs.! Bruce robbed me from the cradle at 15 yrs. old! And of course we now have Tara, 11 yrs. & Josh 8 yrs. who are the best kids in the world! We have had so much fun together over the years and a lot of those memories involve the GS 1150. Old & new. The first few months I dated him he was driving a crappy Monte Carlo because his 78 GS 1000 (?) had been totaled when a woman took a left in front of him. It had been his sole source of transportation. He spent the insurance money from the bike & bought a gorgeous, blue ’79 Firebird (that he let me drive before I had my license! I used to fly through Washoe Valley in that thing at 100 mph! When I was 21 yrs. old & Bruce 27, he pulled up outside of our apartment in Carson City on a blue & white Suzuki GS 1150 and revved the engine. I looked out the window and there he was, in jeans, t-shirt & a white helmet, looking HOT!!! It was the Suzuki he had been dreaming about.

                Soon after that, I almost flew off the back of it on Hwy. 50, headed past the straightaway to Virginia City. He stopped in the middle of the road and asked me if I wanted to see how fast this bike went and if I thought I could hold on. I said sure! Well, my helmet was too big (borrowed), with no face plate. He told me to lean forward and look at the speedometer and dig my knees in. Then, we shot off like a rocket and I saw the speedometer jump and then jump again as Bruce shifted and we we’re flying!!! Then, the wind caught me in the face and the helmet flew back and almost ripped my head off! That’s when I started screaming “Stop!” really loud…

                I’ve ridden the windiest road in America in San Francisco on the back of her (that was a kick!), Bruce took me on my first trip around Lake Tahoe on her because I’d never done it and he said it was one of the most gorgeous rides in the world. Of course I was on the back of Bruce’s 1150 when I rode the twisties up to Virginia City for the first time! I remember him puttering our kids around (still does!) when they were tiny, on that beautiful bike, their little hands on the tank.
                I’ve worried about Bruce & the bike. More times than you can imagine (well, maybe you can). I remember when he parked it after moving to CA and would only take it out very occasionally because of the freeways and traffic. He golfed instead (and man, can he spank that ball!). I remember it staying parked for a long time while we had our two babies and he was working long hours (and golfing!). And I remember his renewed passion when he took her back out and dusted her off. I’m remember riding through Washoe Valley on her again for the first time in years! And the way she sounded and felt, the way it felt to be behind Bruce again with my arms around him on that bike!
                And then he found this GSR community and that beautiful bike has now become so much more. She has somehow become a symbol of all that is good. In a way, she has become a symbol of Bruce!

                So as you see, I love the bike too. And I love Bruce. I thought I understood what that bike meant to him, I just wasn’t prepared for what it and he meant to all of you, or the great lengths you would go to in order to help Bruce keep his bike and help keep our family from sliding further into serious, scary, debt. I thought I understood before, but maybe not completely. Now I’m just overwhelmed at the love and good will that is literally flying at us through the computer and on phones. All because we want Bruce to keep that beautiful motorcycle. Unbelievable.

                It is hard to accept charity. Some of the few tense conversations about money we’ve ever had, have come recently, and have been a result of Bruce’s decision about the bike and the dire need to sell whatever we have that is worth the most. And not go further into debt (my Dad helped us out before Christmas). And though we all love that bike, as a mother & father, when it gets down to it, the roof over the kids heads comes first. Along with heating oil/firewood, food…You get the idea. It has been very, very hard for Bruce (I’ve have rarely seen him so stressed) and I thank you for supporting him in so many ways.

                I know I don’t have to tell you, but I will, that Bruce does not have a lazy bone in his body! He has always been one of the hardest working people that I know. He is a very smart, honest businessman and has somehow managed to maintain his integrity despite literally being screwed and stolen from by other businessman! I’m sure Karma will take care of them too…
                What most of you may not know and I wanted to share with you, is that Bruce & his business has gotten us through a lot of hard times. Our son Joshua was born with an immune deficiency (not enough anti-bodies) that took us 2 yrs. to get diagnosed. He was very sick & couldn’t eat anything. He was basically starving & not growing. We traveled to UC Davis in CA, S.F. Children’s Hospital, Las Vegas, to the ends of the earth, to get him diagnosed & treated. By the grace of God we found Dr. Bernstein, a pediatric immunologist in Las Vegas who finally figured Josh out. The treatment was antibody infusions for the next 3 Ĺ yrs. every 28 days in the hospital, hooked up to an I.V. for 8-12 hrs. It wasn’t easy or pretty, but Joshua recovered completely and thrived! It was like a miracle. He finally outgrew the deficiency, starting making his own antibodies and we were able to stop the treatments a few years ago.

                During this time, our private health insurance went up every few months until at the end we were paying $1600 mo. We bought this house when Josh was tiny and had dreams of improving it that have been put on hold for years. We cut & sacrificied everything we could. There’s not much left to trim. Our savings were spent on massive co-payments (his treatments were 10K-20K per month!) and we will still be paying off medical bills for quite awhile. Insurance is not so easy to get now…

                All through this Bruce supported me and our children in all ways. He only missed two nights at the hospital (business trips) in all those years, he held our screaming baby as they hooked him up to the I.V. and changed his diaper working around all the tubes. He would get up in the middle of the night when Josh woke up screaming for the 10th time (severe acid reflux) and I was literally exhausted. He would come home from a business trip and find the house a mess, me crying, the baby screaming and roll up his white shirtsleeves and finish the baby’s bath, telling me to go rest. He never complained, he didn’t whine, he didn’t yell, he didn’t run to the bar to get drunk. He was always calm and gentle with me & the kids. He told me I was doing a fantastic job & told me he would help me. And he did. He went to almost every Dr. appt., he cleaned the house, he payed massive bills. He’s made it possible for me to be a stay at home Mom like we always planned (with Josh sick it wasn’t even an option). And he goes to all the children’s activities, girl scouts, boy scouts, little league, school meetings and events. He is such a good father and husband it is an amazing thing to see. If only every family had him at the head, the world would be such a better, safer, loving place.
                I know this is long, but I really wanted you to know who that guy with the beautiful GS 1150, living in the mountains, really is, and what he’s about. I want Bruce to know how much I love & appreciate him and to know that he deserves that motorcycle. Somehow, all of you sensed that…I can’t thank you enough for making it possible for him to keep it.
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                  Part 2

                  It wouldn't let me post the whole letter, said it was too long! Haha. Here is the end. Thanks for your patience. Beth

                  I believe itís the hand of God working through His people. It is good karma coming around to Bruce who is such a good man, husband, father, friend, brother, host and fellow rider. I canít help but think about how one of the GSírs recently lost his wife and the fund that was started for him & his family. I cried as I read the posts. Bruce told me he was sending $50 thru his Paypal acct. (which comeís from gauges & parts) and I said, Good! That spreads good karma! I didnít expect it to come back around so soon! Wow.

                  Finally, I hope you all know that youíre always welcome here (as long as youíre not a total freak!) We have a guest room and a basement and Iíll feed you! It may only be hamhock beans and cornbread and a Keystone beer but you wonít go hungry! Bruce would love to have the riding companions and I love an excuse to drink wine! Really, I just enjoy all of you guys so much, every one of you are so polite, honorable, interesting and fun! It is always my pleasure to be your hostess, cook, party buddy and friend! Besides, we have snow, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Virginia City, Street Vibrations, beautiful rides in the summerÖJust call and the door is open! Oh, and Bruce will be giving out free rides on his GS 1150. If youíre lucky I might agree to be your bóch.! Haha.Just down throw me off or wreck my ass!

                  Well, Iím tired and Iím sure you are too! I just canít say enough (but I tried!). Your generosity has known no bounds. We will be forever grateful and you can count on us to pay if forward! THANK YOU for helping my husband (my best friend) and my family. Love you all, Beth
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                    The Pleasure was all ours.
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                    Life is a balancing act, enjoy every day, "later" will come sooner than you think. Denying yourself joy now betting you will have health and money to enjoy life later is a bad bet.

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                      Originally posted by renobeth View Post
                      I donít know where to beginÖBut if you know me or know of me, you know it will go long! You might want to get a cup of coffee or a beer! Maybe 2 or 3! =)

                      Thanks, Beth. I love you, too!
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                      79 GS1000S Wes Cooley Beast


                        Thanks for sharing all that, Beth! We are only too happy to help our GSR brethren, and even without knowing all the details it's not hard to know what kind of guy Bruce is ... 1st Class!

                        Best Regards,


                          Now that's funny!


                            Beth, a couple of years ago an old biking friend that I've known for some 35 odd years that I've been through a lot with in the past and I hadn't seen for quite some time came to visit. I've been into motorcycles for a lot longer than I've been with my wife and she didn't quite understand this motorcycle thing until she asked him about it. All he could say was "It's either in your blood or it isn't. If it's in your blood you're a lifer, if it's not then it just isn't meant to be." Kind of a simple answer but quite to the point. She still doesn't understand it but she does accept it. You and Bruce are lifers with each other and with the motorcycles. I love my wife dearly but you and Bruce, even though times are tough, have a connection that many of us would be envious of. The world would be a much better place if more people had the commitment to family and community that you both have. As for being humbled, it takes a strong person to graciously accept help like this. I also know that if the cards were dealt differently you and Bruce would be the first to step forward and help in anyway you could. As many here would agree, I find it a honour to help and be part of a community that can put something like this together.
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                              Keystone? Will Bruce make the bitter beer face??


                                Originally Posted by renobruce

                                Now that's funny!

                                No Tom, that is hysterical!!! Bruce found that quite a few years ago and blared it at me in the office after I had been on the phone for about 3 hrs.! At first I was shocked, but as I instantly recognized Foghorn Leghorn I couldn't help but crack up! And the sputtering thing...That is funny stuff!!

                                He JUST played that Friday night when Myree (you remember my beautiful friend, right?) and another gal dropped in and ended up staying for wine and talking, and talking...The new friend almost died when Foghorn suddenly came out of the computer and Myree & I almost ****ed our pants laughing!!

                                It's Bruce's way of teasing me and being funny (he is such a funny guy!) and it shows Bruce's sense of humour to include it in his post along with Thanks Beth, I love you. Next time you're here we'll take you down to the office and play it for in person and you will laugh your ass off!
                                Love you brother, Beth