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Coralie A.Stamp (Mom)

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    Coralie A.Stamp (Mom)

    It's been a crazy week for me. Mom passed away last Saturday September 26.

    Mom was a amazing woman. Always giving us encouragement in whatever we were doing. Motocross, Dragracing...)

    After moms parents died in 1964 in a automobile accident. She used her inheritance to buy a Piper Cherokee and get her pilots license and never looked back...

    She met her(late) current husband, also a aviator, and it was full throttle ahead! Mom would be invited to teach elementary school students about aviation and weather. Mom was a judge for aerobatic competitions. She was the "Pilot of the year" in 1981 for the 99's (a women's Pilot Organization). She was a member of the EAA and has been to Oshkosh and Sun-N-Fun every year since 1974! She has flown in everything from the Concord to a Cub.

    Mom died of a broken heart. After her husband died, she has been going to the hospital for this and that. "adjusting her medicine"... She had a full life. I'm done here. Im going to go cry now.
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    Oh, Norm. I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a fantastic Lady. Take care, my friend. You’re in my prayers tonight.

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      Sorry for your loss. She sounds like quite the woman, the type that squeezes a lot of living into her years.

      To measure is to know.

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        Sounds like a great woman.
        Condolences, Norm.
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          Sorry to hear of your loss Norm. Remember all the good times that you had with her! My condolences to you and your family.
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            Condolences on your loss. She sounds like a great person.
            ---- Dave
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              Very sorry for your loss. Condolences.
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                Lost my mom in May, I feel your pain, hang in there, it's what she'd want.

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                  Sorry Norm! Remember the good times! Dan
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                    Hey Norm, very sorry for your loss but be very glad for all those wonderful memories. Sounds like she lived a wonderful full life full of adventure. The tears will go away but the memories will last forever. Grief as you need and life goes on.
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                      Hey Norm,

                      We had a family member pass on the last Sunday in Sept...I had a talk with my mom (78) about it and she gave the advice given here.

                      Let out those emotions because she had an impact on your life...take your time in your mourning. She is no longer in pain with a broken heart.

                      Your friend,

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                        Sorry to hear of your loss.
                        Wherever she is right now I'm fairly sure she is as proud as only a Mother can be of a Son posting what you did.
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                          Sorry to hear of your loss, Norm.

                          I have heard it said that, no matter what our status or what we have accumulated, when we leave this life the only thing we take with us is memories.

                          Sounds like she had a wealth of them.
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                            Feeling for you Norm, Mom's are the toughest. Hang in there!!
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                              Just saw this Norm, Condolences sounds like quite a Lady!
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                              Life is a balancing act, enjoy every day, "later" will come sooner than you think. Denying yourself joy now betting you will have health and money to enjoy life later is a bad bet.

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