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Source for touch-up paint needed

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    Source for touch-up paint needed


    I am trying to find a source for touch-up paint for my maroon?-colored 1982 GS1100GK.

    I tried to order from but they don’t sell touch-up quantities anymore.
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    1982 Suzuki GS1100G(K)

    Nail Polish. Comes in a billion colours and is a laquer. You can mix them too. But get some remover/solvent or just acetone as well to thin them if needed.
    Goes without saying? that patience and real skills to get a really invisible match so do just one first and consider if it didn't look better before.... Masking tape is your friend to limit damage to surroundings from "buffing in" the margins with buffing compounds

    enamels can work too but no "metallic flakes" in theseADDED oh, wait a minute: Model Paints...metal flakes in some of these and an astounding variety.
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