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1982 Suzuki GS300L Valve Clearance

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    1982 Suzuki GS300L Valve Clearance

    As you know, The 1982 Suzuki GS 300 L has rocker arms instead of shims.

    Ive been told to measure valve clearance on a shim system in between the cam lobe and shim.

    What about the rocker arm system? Is it still between the cam lobe and the pressure plate on the rocker arm to measure valve clearance? Or is it on the two outer points that actually touch the valve ?

    thank you for you patience with what could be considered a common sense, I’m an amateur bike mechanic.

    Not my image, just the best one I've ever seen to show you exactly where you put the feeler gauge between the top of the valve stem and the bottom of the adjustment screw.

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