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Any GS850GT driveshaft boot equivalents?

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    Any GS850GT driveshaft boot equivalents?

    Trying to make a GS850GT machine running again.
    The shaft drive boot is destroyed. (OEM part number 61372-45103)
    Partzillia, Z1, Bikebandit, ebay; I searched them all; no one seems to have neither an NOS nor aftermarket to replace this part number which seems common to GS850G & 1000G from '79 to '81.
    I think I can save the clamp but the spring has been replaced by a tye-rap...
    Looking for advices: would a '82 GS650 like this or the 61372-45300 like this fit?
    What should I search for?
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    What you need is a friendly parts man at an autoparts store, who'll let you browse through books of driveshaft gaiters for cars, because I'm utterly certain there will be one or two that will be exact or close enough to stretch. Also, these gaiters are used in industrial machines, so that's another avenue.
    Failing that, try finding online catalogues of rubber boot makers, and maybe even somebody like Gates (of drivebelt fame) makes them, too.
    I'd be interested if you find something, because at some point I'll need one or two, also.
    In fact, I'll start looking too.
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      The drive shaft boot from the 650G looks very close to the 850G. I pulled one from a parts bike for future attempt at fitting it. Someday soon I'll get around to doing the swingarm bearings, and will check fittment then.

      The part numbers are different though. 650G seems to be the only model to use 61372-34300 while the 850G part 61372-45300 was on several bigger models.

      Hmmm, I thought those links would take you to the search results. Just copy the part numbers from here and paste into the search on Alphasports site.
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        Just to close the loop on this thread;
        I found a still good boot at a decent price from a parting out in my region.
        Thanks for your suggestions.
        NB: didn’t had any neither at the time I asked them.