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Thread: Seen any good movies lately?

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    It's a great movie.

    I had a fun week of simple films: Boss Level and Nobody. I love a gratuitously violent action film with a sense of humor.
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    Sometimes the wife and I will flip through the offerings in the various streaming services and pick a film purely because it received a bunch of stars. Deep in the bowels of Amazon Prime video, you find some really weird stuff. Im not saying either of the films below are great, but they certainly are something.

    I wont sayenjoy, because Im not sure I did, anyway, view at your own risk.

    the first is Whicker Man, 1973

    which lead to us watching Midsommar

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve murdoch View Post
    +2....thought it was excellent.
    The gray headed guy at the end of the trailer is Bob Wells, I have met him. I have helped him with electrical/electronics/solar at no charge for him and his followers. Great guy, he keeps trying to talk me into living like he does. No not for me.

    I recently re watched El Camino, great movie if you liked Breaking Bad.
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    Citizen Kane.
    What prompted me to watch it again was a story that appeared on the internet a few days back about a lost critic report from the opening night which was negative and went along the lines of, would you ever let a bit of daylight in.
    The interesting bit was that within days of the discovery of this review, Citizen Kane went from the one hundred percent best rotten tomato ever to a paltry eighty three percent rotten.
    Ironically there is a funny symmetry between that tomato spasm and the night in 1938 when Welles sent the nation into a tailspin with a radio show about green men.
    As for Kane. What can you say. You have to wonder how much Brando was influenced by him. Bald Brando in Apocalypse is fine but bald Welles looks like an unfashionable swimming cap.
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    If you liked any of the John Wick movies, then you have to see this one!
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    I'm just now starting to watch 'Nowhere Boy' ,it's a movie about the Beatles especially John Lennon:I borrowed it from my local(limited hours during this Pandemic)library,it's Blu-ray.

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