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Thread: So how often should our gear armor be replaced?

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    Five years is the outer limit I've seen, at least for textile gear that gets used once in a while. Usually something like a burst seam or a bad zipper sends stuff to the garbage, but I've seen foam armor fall apart a few times too.

    I do have a Belstaff waxed cotton "Drizabone" jacket in the closet that my wife-to-be bought me for Christmas in I think 1995. It may be the coolest garment I will ever own.

    It fits me once again, and seems to be in fine shape, and could be re-proofed easily to be as waterproof as ever. But it's so old-school that there's no armor, just a wee bit of quilting at the elbows with the tiniest hint of padding. I'm sticking to modern armored gear, thanks.

    I also have my leather "biker" jacket from my high school and college punk rock days in the closet. It actually fits too nowadays, but it's even less suitable for actual motorcycling. And at a greying 52, I don't really have any business wearing it out in public unless it's Halloween, or the Dead Kennedys or the Descendents re-form and come to town.
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    Please provide details. The GSR Hive Mind is nearly omniscient, but not yet clairvoyant.

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    The Motoport gear is very long lasting but also quite expensive to start with... not sure I would buy it without being close enough to have them customize it though

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    Just a quick follow up on this.

    The Joe Rocket and the Power Trip jacket use the same armor, so I ordered a new set elbow and shoulder pads for both jackets.
    They are on the bench know, waiting for me to fight them into place.

    The interesting thing is none of our other gear seemed to have this issue.
    All my wife's gear, and all my other gear, some older and some newer, are fine.

    That's all I know....
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    I figure if it's the old foam type armor, it needs to be replaced. My tourmaster jacket (6 years old) has a foam back protector, it was thin to begin with and I'm looking to replace it soon. The elbow and shoulder pads are still fine.
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    I didn't wait for my Joe Rocket armour to deteriorate I upgraded to D30 armour. Great value and it's not that expensive and much better than what comes in the Joe Rocket.
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