Supporting The GSResources

Since 1996, The GSResources has been the premier place on the Internet for information on Suzuki GS's. During that time, this website and all of it's services have remained free of charge.

In the past, the website was supported by "borrowing" server space, via sponsors who paid the webhost bill in exchange for advertising on TGSR website or paid by Frank from out of his pocket. When I took over TGSR in 2001, I felt that allowing advertising was removing impartiality when it came to doing product reviews, besides being intrusive.

In 2003 I made the decision to remove all website advertising and make the website self-supporting through user contributions. The understanding was that when contributions weren't enough to pay for running the website, then it would be shut down. The GSResources has been running successfully ever since.

Do you consider TGSR to be a valuable resource and do you have a few bucks to keep things running? If so, then consider making a contribution to The GSResources! We accept contributions via Paypal, which is the easiest and preferred method. All you have to do is click the Paypal link below.

For those who don't have a Paypal account and would rather send a check, then simply send Frank an email requesting his mailing address and it will be sent to you.

Paypal Contributions

PayPal is a convenient way for TGSR members to support the website, especially for those of you not in the US. They do however charge a transaction fee on every contribution. For instance, to make a $25 donation you must actually contribute $26.41 (based on 2022 fees).

Go to to calculate your contribution to account for the fees.

Please make all GS Resources Paypal donations to

Include your forum username in the Special Instruction box so that I can modify your forum description to either

Site Supporter (for amounts of less than $25)


Super Site Supporter (for amounts of $25 or more).

Thank you for your support!

All contributions are recorded by name on a forum page accessible by all contributors, and a Site Supporter or Super Site Supporter caption will also be added to your forum avatar. Please indicate if you wish to remain anonymous when making your payment.


January 1st starts a new financial year and the account balance starts at zero. The previous years balance is not carried forward.

We are not tax-deductible

The GSResources is NOT a registered not-for-profit corporation, therefore, contributions made to TGSR are NOT tax-deductible.