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    This is really difficult to write, and more involved than it appears. Tam died October 1, 2023, in Australia. (Sept30 up here) Tam’s husband asked that no social media posting be made, so I honoured that request until now. I know some of our members may wish to know of this as they not only knew Tam personally but worked very hard in giving her a chance to escape, and even opened their homes so she could stay with them, when her then-boyfriend’s violence escalated, and police were of no help.

    For all of your help and generosity, I deeply thank every one of you, and also Frank, who endured problems caused by said boyfriend and his friends/accomplices.

    After that was resolved Tam met an Australian man and they married. She moved to Australia and became a well-respected veterinary technician..

    Tam was diagnosed with bipolar disorder more than twenty years ago. It was kept under control by medication that allowed her to lead her normal life. In September, her doctor changed her prescription and while she was still adjusting to the new medication she overdosed on it.

    Tam was my first-born child and only daughter. When speaking to others while in my presence she always referred to herself as my favourite daughter. From the day of her birth, she was not just that, she was my favourite child.​
    "If you are going through hell.......keep going."
    Winston Churchill

    Sorry for the loss. Hoping you can cherish all them good memories, and gradually not even think about the others.
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      Geez, I hate to hear about losing the founding members of this forum. She had the most engaging threads and posts. Wow ! just looks at these names from 04. Brings back memories.....


      Tam's Great Adventure - I added pics! - The GSResources Forums
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        OK, this almost makes you tear up. I proclaim this the GSR Mantra

        As I sit here typing this I smile. This has been a truly awesome trip! I spent a great deal of time in thought as I rode, admiring the beauty around me, the feel of the air racing past me, the utter sense of freedom. Being a woman, this trip meant taking a chance. I travelled alone, meeting with people, some of which I had not previously met (except through GSR) to ride with, and covered 3200 km/2000 miles mostly alone through two countries. For years I have dreamed of being adventurous but too afraid to actually do something daring. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!!!!!! Had I not had the bike, odds are I would never have even entertained the possibility of such a trip. Riding had freed my soul by allowing me to take a chance, to test my limits and just be. Oh, how I love to ride!
        82 1100 EZ (red)

        "You co-opting words of KV only thickens the scent of your BS. A thief and a putter-on of airs most foul. " JEEPRUSTY


          Thank you, Dave.
          Tam was introduced to motorcycling at a very early age. .
          I did not own a car at the time so I rode my Moto Guzzi year-round, regardless of weather.
          She was five when I finally found a helmet that fit her.

          As long as the weather was good, and not too cold, other than to/from work, which she also did a few times, everywhere I went, Tam went with me.

          On her first trip into US of Eh? she saw Niagara Falls from both sides, while snugged up against the backrest with bungee cords on the way home to keep her safe when she got tired..
          During the next two years...which is when her mother and I split...she logged a lot of miles, and loved every minute of them..

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          "If you are going through hell.......keep going."
          Winston Churchill


            So sorry to hear this. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

            To measure is to know.

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              Deepest Condolences.
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              Life is a balancing act, enjoy every day, "later" will come sooner than you think. Denying yourself joy now betting you will have health and money to enjoy life later is a bad bet.

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                Very sorry for your loss, Ron.
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                  I am truly sorry for your loss.
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                    A warm hug from me also.
                    She is scouting the sky.
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                      Hey Ron. Truly sorry for your loss. You have my condolences. I remember Tam from when I was new here. As I recall she offered me advice after our dog got blasted by a skunk.
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                        Never had the pleasure, but she sounds like a wonderful person. So sorry for your loss, Ron.
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                          I'm sorry to hear this Ron, I chatted with Tam a few times and always enjoyed her wit.
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                            My prayers are with your family and her husband. God speed Tam.
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