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memorial day reminder...

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    memorial day reminder...

    Clean and oil that grill, get it nice and hot, and enjoy.

    And take a moment to remember:

    Pennsylvania Monument Black_White by Scott Baker, on Flickr
    Cowboy Up or Quit. - Run Free Lou and Rest in Peace

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      Great shot Scott. Hope you went in and up the stairs to the top deck. I think it may be my favorite monument on the battlefield. Welcome to PA.

      Rich -1982 GS 750TZ
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        Uncle, that I and my grandson are named after.
        Inset pic on right is at Camp Croft Spartanburg SC.

        Had opportunity to stop by that location this March.


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          For a good number of years, the hunting cabin of the club my father was a member of had a twisted up piece of wreckage hanging on the porch. It was found in the woods in the late 1960s. Recently the mystery was uncovered and it now serves to tell a tale...
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