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Suzuki Classics: GS/GSX Models Only - 1976 through 1985

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Why a GS Suzuki site?

Whether on the drag strip, the back streets, or the local highways, the GS will turn heads!

This web magazine is dedicated to the classic, air-cooled 1976-1987 GS models that thrives and survives on the involvement and support of GS-riders EVERYWHERE!

To Sum It Up - We Are Here To...

...provide information on the bikes, the people that ride them, how to keep them in shape and where to get parts and pieces  We are also the meeting place for fellow GS owners to get together to talk about their GS's!!

Upcoming 2014 GS Events

  • 4th Annual Tina Wasserott Memorial Brown County Rally
    June 19-22, 2014
    Red River Gorge, West Virginia
    (forum link)

  • 2014 West Virginia Ride
    July 17-30, 2014
    Red River Gorge, West Virginia
    (forum link)

  • 2014 Motoworks Chicago Track Day
    August 11, 2014
    Joliet, Illinois
    (forum link)

  • 2014 Green Mountain Rally
    Sept 4-8, 2014
    Plymouth, VA
    (forum link)

  • 5th Annual PNW Rally (Sasquatch Edition)
    Sept 11-14, 2014
    Cranbrook, BC, Canada
    (forum link)

  • Brisbane and Surrounds 
    4 times a year
    Brisbane, Austrailia 
    (forum link)

News and Announcements

Welcome to
The GS Resources !

 As we get new features, or images to share, we plan to update this column so you will know we have something to check out.

Check out the site and see what you think. Be sure to stop by the forum.  This is the most popular place to visit for technical info and just getting together with fellow GS owners.

Please note that you need to register in the forum to post articles to the forum, as well as be able to view some sections.  

We hope you will enjoy what we've done to the place.

Notes From Us...
Recently our webhost has decided to no longer support Frontpage Extensions. This has an affect on the GSR because FP was being used to edit the webpages, most notably the Photo of the Month section. This means that all webbpages have to be recoded and updated to the latest Internet standards. Because of this all updates to the Photo of the Month section will be on hold until further notice.