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Please help support this site!

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    Please help support this site!

    Latest Update: You can now donate via PayPal directly to The GS Resources through the "Support the site" link on the homepage.

    Hello friends,

    We're now into the second half of the year and I noticed that only a dozen of us have made contributions to the care and feeding of The GS Resources.

    I know a lot of you "good old boys" have just let it slip your mind and you'll get it in the mail to Frank soon.

    How about all of you noobies? Isn't the awesome experience and helpful advice worth at least a quarter of what a shop would charge for an hour of labor?

    For info about supporting the site, please click the link below:

    UPDATE: If you'd like to use Paypal, Mr. robertbarr offers the service through his "" website:

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    I've been a deadbeat about supporting the site. I'll make out a check tomorrow and get it going Frank's way. Too bad he won't take Paypal. Thanks for the reminder Cliff.

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      Would you accept $5-10 or does it have to be the $15 or $25 amounts?


        Thank you Ed. You're a "good old boy".

        And thank you Mr. R3DN1CK. Believe me, any amount will help and is appreciated.

        Frank, Dan, and that "Gnatty" other guy don't mind the labor of love. But it sure is nice when they don't have to pay any hardware or bandwidth expenses too. It doesn't take much if we all do a little.

        I appreciate everyone's consideration. And please know that I have nothing to do with the running of this site or paying the bills. I'm just a member who's happy to support the community.

        Thank you for your indulgence,

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          Thanks for bringing this up, BC...

          The small donation I make to this site, is a very small part of what I spend on this hobby, (parts, gear, travel costs, insurance, etc.), and the value I get for it is huge...

          Yes paypal would be nice, but we all still know how to write a check, don't we?
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            My check will be in the mail today. Thanks for the reminder BassCliff.

            I believe the information available on the Bikecliff website alone is worth a contribution to this forum.

            There are a lot of knowledgeable guys on the forum, and you just can't put a price on the information they share.


              I don't support religious organisations....


                Well worth the small expense...
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                  BassCliff thanks, I wondered about the financial support. I don't support religious organizations either but this cult following here will gt my cash. Just don't ask me to stand at the airport handing out flowers for a donation and saying peace and love to you my brother.
                  Yall have a great day


                    I'll be sending money on Wed. when I get payed.

                    And we won't ask anybody to pass out flowers at the airport just Flyers on the wonders of the amazing GS.


                      Thanks for the gentle kick in the rear end, Cliff. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the value we get from this forum. My check will be in the mail this week.


                        Thanks for the subtle reminder Cliff. I've been procrastinating for way too long. The check's in the, really, it is.............

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                          Originally posted by omaharj View Post
                          I don't support religious organisations....
                          What ?

                          Yeah, paypal would be great.

                          But I do have checks too!

                          Thanks for the reminder.



                            Of course this thread comes to my attention after I just got home from buying a new helmet. But I absolutely had to get one as all i have left here is dirt helmets and harley beanies. I WILL be sending something soon, I promise, Trust me.


                              I've already saved enough from a couple of parts purchases on this board to afford to send along a "super" payment. Thanks for the reminder. A check will be happily sent along your way on Monday. Ditto, the PayPal link. I belong to a another board for my other passion, shotguns. There is a paypal link on their main page and it is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks to send them an annual donation. Not excusing any lack of thoughtfulness on my part mind you, just thinking out loud.