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T8's 750 Cafe Racer Project

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    T8's 750 Cafe Racer Project

    Ok here it goes. This is the second forum I have joined (probably should have been my first choice). I joined a forum to humbly ask for help and some opinions. Here is my project

    Here is how it started. Bought it in Salt Lake and rode it home. Ran strong and just leaks a bit of oil.

    Started the tear down

    Just had to upgrade the suspension with some new technology so I chose a 2001 gsxr fork

    Here is the frame as of the moment. Still needs some detabbing but the passenger pegs are off, rider pegs are off, and some minor detabbing

    Decided to change the shape of the tank a bit by sectioning and stretching

    I used the program Paint on my laptop to quickly come up with a rough rendering of what I want the final bike to look like. It shows the tank stretched and repositioned (higher in the rear), forks a slightly lower, and the seat similar to how I want it.

    Here is about half of the stuff that has been removed from the bike so far
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    Removed the mounting posts off the gsxr top clamp because it looks cleaner and wouldn't fit the old unit anyways

    Started shaping the tail from foam using these simple tools. It wasn't too difficult and will give me a good reference when I shape the actual version out of sheetmetal or aluminum.

    And that just about brings you up to speed on my progress so far. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance for advice and help
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      If you wanted to, you could use the styrofoam as a mold and do it in fiberglass.



        cool build. like where its goin.


          I wish I had the metal fab skills to reshape a tank. But I'd be scared crapless about it. No way to pressure test it either.

          I think I'm gonna go with a 'glass airtech tank on my next one..

          Looking good so far!


            I'm in a Street Rod Technologies class (as an extra credit) at my local university. It's pretty much an advanced body work class where everyone except me has a pre-1950's car. We learn sheetmetal shaping, chop topping, sectioning, frenching lights, and such. It's really cool and I'm loving what I'm learning. I would do fiberglass just for weight purposes but because I'm in a metal shaping class I figure I ought to use this project first as a way to learn some valuable knowledge, second as a way to get an A in the class . Plus for some reason my teacher is against fiberglass (prob just because he is an old schooler) so I figured I'd shy away from it for now and learn how to do that when I have someone better to teach me. (I will probably save the foam and do a carbon fiber or fiberglass version later on down the road I just can't let my teacher find out haha)


              Wait, weren't the Gixxers using USD forks by '01? I dunno the models well enough but I thought sure they would be by then?


                I like the rendering. Looks cool,can't ait to see your bike finished.


                  nice work!



                    Yeah nice job so far. I look forward to doing a cafe bike some day so will be watching this one with interest.

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                      Taggin along over here also...Looks like fun.
                      I'd like to spend a semester with your Prof!
                      chop topping
                      That made me chuckle


                        Haha oops about the chop topping! As for the forks I do believe they still had the RSD forks until 2001 and then they discontinued them. I went with the RSD's because they are 10mm bigger in diameter and add strength plus they help retain some of that old school look still. I always thought it looked kind of funny to have a USD fork on a cafe racer. ANYWAYS today I had class but was unable to go so instead I worked in the garage on getting the front end off the frame. Got the old fork and bars off and got a good idea of how I'm going to get the giant gsxr fork in that little stem. Took a little time and reshaped the foam tail to get it closer to the look in the rendering. I'll post pics tomorrow of the progress and getting the new fork on. Thanks for the support guys. An alloy GS1100 swinger is in the works as well so I'm excited to get all the suspension worked out before I pull the motor.


                          You'll need some adapters to fit that Alloy swinger....

                          The forks should be a straight bolt up with a bearing change maybe...
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                            I like where you're heading with this so I'll tag along for the ride
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                            450 Refresh thread:

                            Katana 7/11 thread:


                              Ok so on some down time I had today I was able to get some kinks worked out on the fork situation. I ground off the steering stoppers. I need to make a new one that fits the gsxr bottom tree clamp stoppers.
                              Started the other day by getting the frame hung up in the garage

                              I believe they're called races (please correct me if I'm wrong) inside of the headset. . Anyways I removed them because their inner diameter was too small to fit the gsxr steering stem through.

                              I just used a 3/8 extension with a socket and rubber mallet to pound them out gently

                              Now they are out and ready for something new. This is where I need help!! I have heard good things about roller bearings and getting things to fit with them. Basically I need ideas on what bearings and hardware I should use to get the GS and GSXR stuff to mesh. Any recommendations??
                              Here is a picture of the two different units so you can get an idea of the size difference. The heights are just about exact so the only difference is the GS steering stem is 1in straight until the top and the GSXR stem is 1 3/16in at the widest points. I should have taken more measurements before I asked for help but I just thought I'd give it a try. Let me know any measurements you might need to give me some suggestions. Thanks!

                              (EDIT): has conversion charts for just about every swap imaginable. Know the bearing OD and ID on top and bottom to make most combinations work. Some swaps may require shortening or lengthening of the stem for bearings to properly seat.
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